Garden Consultation, COACHING, & EDUCATION

WE offer on-site residential consulation visits, and facilitation for community Group landscape Design Projects,..

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WE offer Site Analysis,

Conceptual design proposals plans,

Full residential and commercial Planting Plans.

CAD Drafting Plans

Hand drawn & 3D Cad Proposals

Landscapes for a changing climate, G3 Certified


G3 Certified: to develop Drought tolerant landscape design for our changing climates. Amending Soils, incorporating Stormwater retention swales & rain gardens, along with xerascape plantings. certified in G3 soil restoration and drought tolerant plantings.

Audubon Backyard Habitat Design Assistance.


WE are Backyard Habitat Certified. home owners. WE enjoy helping others develop Family Friendly sites to restore their backyards. Our designs are welcoming wildlife habitats. ..

Edible Gardens Permaculture Design:


Permaculture Design Certified, Portland Community College 2013

WE offer permaculture-Design plans which support playful edible gardens for humans, room for chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, goats. Food Forests, edible hedgerows, herbal medicine.